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You never realise how much goes into a wedding until you are planning your own. Notepads upon notepads, sticky notes all around your computer screen, a scrapbook full of ideas and endless excel spreadsheets. While I wait for this little girl of mine to arrive, my life has turned into a Bride who’s on a mission.

I was writing up the mock guest list yesterday with William, mainly so we can decide on numbers and then go look at venues from there and while we were pricing up the costs of how many mouths we’re going to have to feed, it got me thinking.

A few weeks ago I met with a couple to finalise their booking and I could see by the grooms face when I handed over that much-needed contract to say ‘Yes you have booked with Enfys Photography’, he was a little slow on signing that dotted line and that’s ok! Handing over any kind of money can be a little heart wrenching. I’ve done it in a shop before when you get to the end of the till and your heart sinks because the bill is much more than you expected. Photography is a massive investment! We all secretly know it is and we all secretly wish we had endless supplies of money to book the wedding of our dreams (or to an extent).

When you look at booking a venue, you pick out the best deal. Which one has the best dinner menu for the lowest cost, does the venue offer accommodation before and after the day? Is wine provided on the tables or do you have to pay an extra fee? All those costs come into play when we’re thinking about how much we want to spend. William and I have already decided our budget for a venue is around £6,000 and even then I am thinking that’s a lot of money to spend on somewhere for one day! So trust me when I say this, I know just how you feel about signing that line.

Photography is expensive yes, even if you have a wedding budget of less than £2,000 or £10,000+ it can still be a huge bill. However, you need to remember you are not only paying for the Photographers time on your wedding day, you are paying for all the things before. The pre-wedding meetings, the engagement session, the second photographer (should you have one), the amount of hours they spend with you on your wedding day and then what comes after. Selecting images, the editing, the USB’s, the keepsake boxes, your products, heck even that online gallery they pay a yearly fee for! You’re also helping them pay their yearly taxes, putting food in their fridge and the fuel for their car to get to you.

Think of it as an investment. You are investing in someone’s trust, creativity, and eye. Unless you also hire a videographer for the day, the only thing that’s left of your amazing day are your photographs. We’ve already chosen our photographer and I am happy to pay whatever the cost because she’s amazing! And so worth every penny.

Please trust me when I say this however, planning your wedding can be a sticky business but think how epic the day is going to be when it all finally comes together? 🙂


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Dear Me,

It’s lame, isn’t it? Where you think the whole world is starting to implode around you and you have no control over what’s about to happen. It’s such a scary thought thinking that maybe you’re not going to make it, perhaps all this was worth nothing. You see all those other photographers getting those amazing bookings, those clients you can only dream about and here you are, sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and wondering if it’s something you’re doing.

Well, I’m here to tell you to get up!!! Move around!! Shake all that negative energy away!! You’re awesome! And it may feel difficult now, it may feel like the world sucks and is against you and yeah sure it might seem as if you should just put your camera away and give up altogether but what good is that going to do? You’re still going to be down in the dumps, you’re still going to question yourself and even worse feel like a failure.

It’s ok to fail, it’s ok to feel as if you’re not as successful as you thought you were going to be. Stop caring about those other photographers and all their ‘bookings’, stop thinking about if you can feed yourself this month or can afford to pay your bills, you can do this. I know you can! You just have to keep pushing through the muck and the dirt to get to the good parts. I know you’re grateful for the clients you’ve had and currently have, they are trusting you to do that wonderful job you’ve done so many times, if not more.

Remember that you can do this,
Even when it feels like it’s pouring outside… Remember the sun always comes after the rain.
You’ll be ok.

Love Me.

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Since I can remember we’ve always had the same coffee table at home, its dark wood with these gold mental corners and on the top its glass and underneath said glass are hundreds of photographs of my family. Memories from holidays, silly photographs from being at my nan’s, my sisters playing dress up, my father in the army with his friends and of course my mother and fathers wedding day.

My mother made such a beautiful bride and I hope when mine and William’s day arrives I’ll look as half as pretty as she did. Her wedding was simple, around forty people of their nearest and dearest. My uncle took their wedding photographs and even to this day they are in the best condition in a wedding album in my mothers wardrobe.

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I’m telling you all of this because how many of us forget when we are planning an event do we take photographs of the day? In a world full of Iphones, Instagram and Snapchat we have reduced our memories to a single moment or a 10 second video. I myself do it and its crazy how I am a photographer by trade but often leave my Canon behind in favor of my Iphone.

So often I see at Weddings where a group of ladies on the dance floor decide to take a ‘selfie’ or after the ceremony when everyone is hanging outside taking photographs of the bride and groom or the guests. I adore seeing grandma or granddad with their little compact cameras and I always try and offer a few minutes to give guests the chance to get some photographs of the bride and groom themselves. Many would say I am losing out on a print sale here and if I am honest, if there’s a chance I can get a family member to smile and remember that I took those few seconds then that’s fine by me.

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I wanted to take a moment to just remind you of how important photography is, even if you are taking a photograph on your Iphone and uploading it to facebook, you will be forever reminded of that memory. The day William proposed to me those photographs we’re taken on someones phone and does it bother me it wasn’t on a professional camera? Oh no! Those images will forever be treasured.

Always remind yourself however when you are planning your wedding day the only real thing that gets left behind once the day is done, is the Photography. So do your research, check our portfolios, meet up for coffee & a chat! You want to book with someone who you didn’t even know you needed as a friend in your life, they should be someone you like having around and enjoy speaking to.

Have a great day!
Mel xoxo


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Its those moments where you are staring at an email in disbelief, questioning if its some joke, wondering if its a friend pulling a prank on you or have you really just been nominated for an award? Let alone become a finalist! Back in January of this year I was reading an email from The Regional Awards that read with over 250 entries in my category alone I am one of the lucky six who were chosen to go into the finals. A finalist for the Freelancer of the Year award.

I quickly grabbed my phone to call William and tell him the amazing news, he shouted back in excitement and spoke his congratulations. What a way to kick off 2016! Soon after all the excitement had died down, came the outfit planning, fitting William for his new suit, the booking of tickets and emailing The Regional Awards team back and forth to find out everything I could. Twitter feeds exploded as I got in touch with the other finalists of my category and words of encouragement were expressed between all of us.

The awards are the Thursday 7th of April 2016! You can watch it live here. I’ll be sure to wave as much as I can when the live cameras appear, as well as taking a million selfies with William and everyone else. Plus I might even Vlog and get the snap-chat going. I am excited to be apart of such a wonderful and inspiring community of creatives and even if I am not to win that doesn’t matter, I have offered a prize to the charity raffle and its going to be an amazing night no matter what.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me, who voted for me and pushed me to be the creative I am today. I am going to make sure I ask the awards team who nominated me as I’m sure it was one of you and I’d like to send out a personal thank you.

Be sure to check out my next blog entry on Friday to tell you all about it!

Mel xoxo

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Challenging yourself is something everyone can agree on is that it can be difficult, sometimes you can’t even find the motivation to do it! This month I have given myself a challenge to blog twice a week and I have already blogged this week Finding Your Purpose and I am already thinking about the third or fourth blog I’d like to write. The second blog I wanted to write was something personal, for everyone to get to know me a little bit more. I saw this type of blog on a friend’s blog of mine and I was instantly inspired! So here it goes, please comment as well if you do the same thing! I love to hear from you.

6 Unknown Facts About Me.

  1. I am the youngest of three, I have two older sisters who both have two beautiful children. Victoria, my eldest sister is mother to Morgan(boy) and Bethan and my other older sister Krysta is mother to Arianna and James. They are both inspiring to me in different ways, they show me what hard work can do to you and how far it can take you.
  2. I met William on the 27th of March 2014, we didn’t actually get together until May 8th 2014. When we met, I intimidated him and scared him a little (he told me this) but we spent most of the evening sat talking to each other. For the entire time in April we spent getting to know one another and becoming great friends, texting and face-booking until the early hours of the morning, too meeting at McDonald’s for coffee and just going with the flow. We haven’t looked back since and now we are expecting our first child and moving in together.
  3. I am ridiculously obsessed with sheep, it’s not a Welsh thing but a Mel thing. For as long as I can remember I have always loved farm animals. My nickname to most friends is Melly Moo so naturally I love cows but there is something about cute little sheep that do something to me. I have a sheep tattoo which is for my Nan after she passed, she use to call me her little lamb. If you were to come to my house, you would see multiply sheep toys, mugs, ornaments and more.
  4. I officially started photography the day after my 15th birthday. My first camera was a little Kodak point and shoot 6 mega pixel camera. My first models were close friends and family, it slowly then turned into something else. My second camera I was gifted for my 18th birthday, it was an Olympus E420 DSLR. That camera taught me all the basics to what I now know however I always wanted a Canon so when a friend of mine was selling his Canon 400D, I had to have it! I paid £200 and it never left my side. When it came to an upgrade, I went to a Canon 650D and now finally I own a beautiful Canon 5D Mark 3. It’s been such a wonderful technology journey in terms of kit. I have always tried to upgrade when my work grew to a different level. I will always understand it’s not just about the kit but once I started officially shooting weddings full time, I knew I needed to upgrade my kit from the 650D to the Mark 3.
  5. I became obsessed with the internet world around the age of 12 and I’ll be honest here, it was all through the online community of pixel dolling. I created a world for myself through the internet. I then went onto joining a vampire role play forum which created my interest in blogging and writing and it was during that time photography came into my life. I am forever grateful to my old online friends at the start of my photography journey, they were my first viewers until I moved it all over to Deviant ART.
  6. Here are some little facts as I can’t decide what one to pick. I have a rescue Greyhound named Jack and a Stafford Bull Terrier named Oscar with William. Jack lives with my parents and Oscar lives with Will’s. I have been driving for nearly three years and always said I would never have a French car; I own a Clio. I love fresh air, there’s just something about breathing it in. I adore the sea but I’m not a big fan of actually jumping into it, I would rather sit on the beach and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks. I am forever writing lists and goals for what I want to aim for. I have a 10-year plan and longer after that, I’m not normally organised but I have so many thoughts running through my mind I need to write it all down. I hate cheese unless its melted, the smell of coffee puts me off drinking coffee, I’ll have as many cups of tea without evening thinking about the caffeine level I have consumed. I LOVE sweets! My favourite are Skittles and American Nerds and I enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight of me. Please comment any of your thoughts, some facts about yourself and of course if you are just as weird as me!

Mel xoxo


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