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Planning Your Wedding Day


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You never realise how much goes into a wedding until you are planning your own. Notepads upon notepads, sticky notes all around your computer screen, a scrapbook full of ideas and endless excel spreadsheets. While I wait for this little girl of mine to arrive, my life has turned into a Bride who’s on a mission.

I was writing up the mock guest list yesterday with William, mainly so we can decide on numbers and then go look at venues from there and while we were pricing up the costs of how many mouths we’re going to have to feed, it got me thinking.

A few weeks ago I met with a couple to finalise their booking and I could see by the grooms face when I handed over that much-needed contract to say ‘Yes you have booked with Enfys Photography’, he was a little slow on signing that dotted line and that’s ok! Handing over any kind of money can be a little heart wrenching. I’ve done it in a shop before when you get to the end of the till and your heart sinks because the bill is much more than you expected. Photography is a massive investment! We all secretly know it is and we all secretly wish we had endless supplies of money to book the wedding of our dreams (or to an extent).

When you look at booking a venue, you pick out the best deal. Which one has the best dinner menu for the lowest cost, does the venue offer accommodation before and after the day? Is wine provided on the tables or do you have to pay an extra fee? All those costs come into play when we’re thinking about how much we want to spend. William and I have already decided our budget for a venue is around £6,000 and even then I am thinking that’s a lot of money to spend on somewhere for one day! So trust me when I say this, I know just how you feel about signing that line.

Photography is expensive yes, even if you have a wedding budget of less than £2,000 or £10,000+ it can still be a huge bill. However, you need to remember you are not only paying for the Photographers time on your wedding day, you are paying for all the things before. The pre-wedding meetings, the engagement session, the second photographer (should you have one), the amount of hours they spend with you on your wedding day and then what comes after. Selecting images, the editing, the USB’s, the keepsake boxes, your products, heck even that online gallery they pay a yearly fee for! You’re also helping them pay their yearly taxes, putting food in their fridge and the fuel for their car to get to you.

Think of it as an investment. You are investing in someone’s trust, creativity, and eye. Unless you also hire a videographer for the day, the only thing that’s left of your amazing day are your photographs. We’ve already chosen our photographer and I am happy to pay whatever the cost because she’s amazing! And so worth every penny.

Please trust me when I say this however, planning your wedding can be a sticky business but think how epic the day is going to be when it all finally comes together? 🙂


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