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A Letter To Myself

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Dear Me,

It’s lame, isn’t it? Where you think the whole world is starting to implode around you and you have no control over what’s about to happen. It’s such a scary thought thinking that maybe you’re not going to make it, perhaps all this was worth nothing. You see all those other photographers getting those amazing bookings, those clients you can only dream about and here you are, sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and wondering if it’s something you’re doing.

Well, I’m here to tell you to get up!!! Move around!! Shake all that negative energy away!! You’re awesome! And it may feel difficult now, it may feel like the world sucks and is against you and yeah sure it might seem as if you should just put your camera away and give up altogether but what good is that going to do? You’re still going to be down in the dumps, you’re still going to question yourself and even worse feel like a failure.

It’s ok to fail, it’s ok to feel as if you’re not as successful as you thought you were going to be. Stop caring about those other photographers and all their ‘bookings’, stop thinking about if you can feed yourself this month or can afford to pay your bills, you can do this. I know you can! You just have to keep pushing through the muck and the dirt to get to the good parts. I know you’re grateful for the clients you’ve had and currently have, they are trusting you to do that wonderful job you’ve done so many times, if not more.

Remember that you can do this,
Even when it feels like it’s pouring outside… Remember the sun always comes after the rain.
You’ll be ok.

Love Me.

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