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Why Is Photography Important?

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Since I can remember we’ve always had the same coffee table at home, its dark wood with these gold mental corners and on the top its glass and underneath said glass are hundreds of photographs of my family. Memories from holidays, silly photographs from being at my nan’s, my sisters playing dress up, my father in the army with his friends and of course my mother and fathers wedding day.

My mother made such a beautiful bride and I hope when mine and William’s day arrives I’ll look as half as pretty as she did. Her wedding was simple, around forty people of their nearest and dearest. My uncle took their wedding photographs and even to this day they are in the best condition in a wedding album in my mothers wardrobe.

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I’m telling you all of this because how many of us forget when we are planning an event do we take photographs of the day? In a world full of Iphones, Instagram and Snapchat we have reduced our memories to a single moment or a 10 second video. I myself do it and its crazy how I am a photographer by trade but often leave my Canon behind in favor of my Iphone.

So often I see at Weddings where a group of ladies on the dance floor decide to take a ‘selfie’ or after the ceremony when everyone is hanging outside taking photographs of the bride and groom or the guests. I adore seeing grandma or granddad with their little compact cameras and I always try and offer a few minutes to give guests the chance to get some photographs of the bride and groom themselves. Many would say I am losing out on a print sale here and if I am honest, if there’s a chance I can get a family member to smile and remember that I took those few seconds then that’s fine by me.

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I wanted to take a moment to just remind you of how important photography is, even if you are taking a photograph on your Iphone and uploading it to facebook, you will be forever reminded of that memory. The day William proposed to me those photographs we’re taken on someones phone and does it bother me it wasn’t on a professional camera? Oh no! Those images will forever be treasured.

Always remind yourself however when you are planning your wedding day the only real thing that gets left behind once the day is done, is the Photography. So do your research, check our portfolios, meet up for coffee & a chat! You want to book with someone who you didn’t even know you needed as a friend in your life, they should be someone you like having around and enjoy speaking to.

Have a great day!
Mel xoxo


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