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The Regional Awards 2016 – Finalist


Its those moments where you are staring at an email in disbelief, questioning if its some joke, wondering if its a friend pulling a prank on you or have you really just been nominated for an award? Let alone become a finalist! Back in January of this year I was reading an email from The Regional Awards that read with over 250 entries in my category alone I am one of the lucky six who were chosen to go into the finals. A finalist for the Freelancer of the Year award.

I quickly grabbed my phone to call William and tell him the amazing news, he shouted back in excitement and spoke his congratulations. What a way to kick off 2016! Soon after all the excitement had died down, came the outfit planning, fitting William for his new suit, the booking of tickets and emailing The Regional Awards team back and forth to find out everything I could. Twitter feeds exploded as I got in touch with the other finalists of my category and words of encouragement were expressed between all of us.

The awards are the Thursday 7th of April 2016! You can watch it live here. I’ll be sure to wave as much as I can when the live cameras appear, as well as taking a million selfies with William and everyone else. Plus I might even Vlog and get the snap-chat going. I am excited to be apart of such a wonderful and inspiring community of creatives and even if I am not to win that doesn’t matter, I have offered a prize to the charity raffle and its going to be an amazing night no matter what.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me, who voted for me and pushed me to be the creative I am today. I am going to make sure I ask the awards team who nominated me as I’m sure it was one of you and I’d like to send out a personal thank you.

Be sure to check out my next blog entry on Friday to tell you all about it!

Mel xoxo

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