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Finding Your Purpose.

Jason & Becca - No Watermark (5 of 9)P I N I T Styled shoot March 2016.

We all start somewhere, be it the day you woke up and knew right away what you were going to do for the rest of your life or that moment while you were in work and you just realised you wanted do something more with your life.

For me, I was twenty something on my way back from Pembrokeshire, after I had spent the weekend assisting a wedding photographer. I knew as I looked out the car window and breathed in the fresh sea air that I needed it, I wanted it, I had to become a wedding photographer one way or another.


Detail shot from first wedding, under old brand name. 2012.

I was scared, full of the unknowing, I had no idea where I was going to start or even if I would make it. That was in 2010 and it took another two years for me to actually shoot my first wedding. It was for another photographer; I was one of three photographers she had hired for the day. I was paid £250 and it was the most amazing, exhausted experience I had ever had.

Soon after, I shot three more weddings in 2012, creating a small portfolio I started to learn more as I went along. After that day I had caught the bug and I wasn’t about ready to stop.

Jess & John - Evening - No Watermark (53 of 60)P I N I T

Shot by Second Shooter – William Jones 2015

Four years on I am still aiming for that success, feeling incredible and exhausted all at the same time. I am still getting excited when I receive an email from a potential client or when I receive emails and feedback from previous clients who still come back for future sessions. 2015 was a year of growth and finding a style I feel comfortable with. I began working with another photographer January 2015 (William, my partner) and things just went from there. This year we are on a slow year as something amazing happened in October 2015 and we are expecting our daughter in June 2016, so taking a break is very much needed.

My life the past five years has changed dramatically. I have met countless people madly in love and had the pleasure of photographing their day. In-between all my months of quietness I fill those days with practicing, learning, marketing and growing. You can never learn to much as my mother has always said.

2017, is the year where I am truly going to shine and that’s thanks to each and every one of you. On April 7th 2016, I will be attending The Regional Awards, Cardiff where I am nominated for Freelancer of the Year and honestly? I could not have even got that far if it wasn’t for the constant motivation and love I have from you. All of you who have given me the trust to document your day, thank you. It’s so special and unreal that I get to do this. I still feel as if I am sometimes in a dream but then I remember this amazing thing can’t just be a dream. It’s become a reality.

Mel xoxo

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