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The Importance of Pre-Wedding Shoots

When a bride and groom decide on their photographer it can be an exciting but also nervous time. Often or not this person you haven’t never met you have decided to trust to photograph one of the most important days of your life. As part of my full day wedding package I offer a free pre-wedding shoot and 99% of the time after the couple leaves once their session is over their nerves disappear and they are more relaxed and ready for the big day.

A pre-wedding session enables me to get to know you as a couple personally, there’s no distractions, no time limit, its just you, me and my camera. And then come your wedding day you are ready for your photographs!

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We bound to grow a friendship as the weeks/months go by until the wedding. I like to keep in touch with my couples, this gives me the customer service I strive for. I would rather have a wedding photographer who kept in touch every so often then someone who I meet once, do a pre-wedding session and then they show up on the wedding day.

I like to meet my couples at least three times before the wedding, if the time is available. This gives you plenty of time to discuss with me what you would like, if you have any questions, ideas etc.

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As the planning stages begin for your pre-wedding shoot, you are sure to ask a couple of questions, so here are the answers to the most asked.

Where would we shoot?
No matter the weather, rain or shine I’ll make it work. I can either come to you and we can shoot somewhere that’s special to you or you can come to me and I’ll take us to some of the lovely locations Cardiff has to offer.

What do I wear?
The simpler the better. Wear colours that work well together and don’t clash. I want to photograph you both relaxed and natural, so wear what you would wear out normally. Try not to wear the same clothes as you’ll just merge together.

I have a pet/child, can I bring them along?
If you want to bring along your pet then please do as they can bring something special to your session. If you have a child and you’d like to include them again, please bring them along! And while they are napping away we can get some shots of just the two of you then.

I’ve created a Pinterest board that can help you with ideas.

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I like the pre-wedding shoots to be personal to you, be it photographs of you and your partner walking your dog, going to the place where he/she proposed, your first date, anything! I want this session to make you feel extra special.

I hope this little blog post has given you an idea of what happens on you pre-wedding shoot and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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